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Dear Friend,

  • Are you 'Aging'?
  • Do you feel different than you did when you were 25 or 30?
  • Are you interested in a sure-fire method of regaining your youth - without experiencing any side effects?
Dr. Mace

If you answered "YES" to any or all of the questions above, READ THIS REPORT. You're about to be introduced to something that will change your life and how you feel.

Modern medical science now regards 'aging' as a disease. Yes, a disease. It also regards aging as something as 'treatable and preventable'.

This special report is all about hormones. It discusses what hormones are, how they affect you, and what you can do to slow down the AGING' process.

These hormones are different from the hormones you are prescribed at the medical doctors. They have no side effects and they are topical, meaning you just rub them on your skin.

These special hormones come in the form of crèmes and they do NOT have side effects like synthetic Premarin, Estrogen or steroids, etc. that you may be taking as a prescription.

First of all…

All "hormone"s are synthesized in your body using something called … Cholesterol.

Yes, that's what I said…'Cholesterol'. That was no typo on my part.

Let me ask you some questions about your health to make sure we're on the same page.

  • Are you ready to make a difference in your life?
  • Are you tired of feeling the way you feel right now?
  • Are you gaining weight, even though you don't eat more than anyone else.
  • Are you feeling run down?
  • Are you ready to feel like you did when you were 25 or 30 again?

If you're ready to make a commitment, then let's get you started.

You need to know what hormones are.

Hormones are "essential" elements in the human body.

Hormones are very, very important to your health. They function as "messengers". Every hormone (key) needs a certain hormone receptor (lock) to function correctly, similar to a lock-and-key combination.

These homeopathic hormone crèmes work because they act directly with your body's built-in mechanism.

They produce natural hormones and hormone receptors.

They act on the root cause of your hormonal deficiency by you applying them on a regular basis. These crèmes rouse your built-in mechanism, so that you generate natural hormones, which brings them back to their normal levels.

If you do not use your body's own natural mechanisms, then you may eventually lose them. It's the proverbial USE IT OR LOSE IT thing.

This type of treatment works directly on the root cause of your problems.

Recent studies have shown that multiple hormone deficiencies compromise your quality of life as you start AGING. And by the term AGING I don't mean if you're 65 and retired.

NO, I mean if you're 30 or over.

Believe it or not, the number 30 is the magical number for a large percentage of the population, and this may even include YOU.

Now if you're like the typical person reading this report, you probably don't believe you have any deficiency, let alone multiple hormone deficiencies.

Here's a little secret for you. You can actually have hormone deficiencies sooner than age 30.

The bad thing about multiple hormone deficiencies is this, …they can compromise your quality of life and INCREASE the rate of your aging process. No one want this to happen, but they aren't addressing the correct issues if they are truly wanting to SLOW DOWN the aging process.

So what does all of this hormone talk have to do with you? Everything!

You Can Restore Your Youthful Hormone Balance

You might be asking, "How can you help me restore my youthful hormone balance with a crème?

Can't I just do it with vitamins? Make a note of this. Taking vitamins alone will NOT make you feel better - if you suffer from a hormone imbalance.

Youthful hormone balance is critical to maintaining health in ALL men and women over the age 30, so if you're feeling some differences in your health, you might want to pay close attention to what you're reading.

Most people who are in their late twenties are not aware of this. They haven't experienced that loss of youthful, vibrant energy yet, so they think they are going to be different.

You have to correct your hormonal imbalance first, so how are you going to do it?

You need to know what they are, what they do and what happens when they become imbalanced?

WARNING: We are NOT talking about "synthetic hormones" in this report that is produced by pharmaceutical companies. I'm NOT talking about things like Premarin which is synthetic Estrogen and is known to cause cancer, nor am I talking about steroids used by athletes. We are only talking about Natural Bio-identical hormones, the hormones that occur in your body … naturally.



Let's go over the main hormones so you have a better understanding of what's going on and why they affect your body in the way that they do. Let's start out with


If you are a man you cannot have low levels of the hormone testosterone and a healthy sex life at the same time.

T estosterone, the primary male sex hormone, is needed for optimal health and sexual performance in men.

Symptoms of LOW testosterone include ' fatigue', loss of lean muscle mass, a greater risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, like heart disease, increased abdominal fat and a lower libido.

These are just a few of the things that can happen to you if you're a male, with a low testosterone level so pay attention.

Hormone crèmes can change your life. If you want to stay younger looking and retain your youth and vigor for as long as you can, use the crèmes.

This hormone is essential for the production of sperm and sexual arousal so it's really important to people that have E.D..


As a man gets older his testosterone level will drop automatically and he will be less interested in sex than he was in his prime. Most men attribute this to their aging, and in a sense they are 100% correct.

That's why a low testosterone level can also cause erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. If you're hormone deficient, the best way to change this is to use a hormone bioidentical crème that helps to RESTORE your testosterone level to normal.

Now I don't know whether you know it or not, but decreased levels of testosterone have an adverse effect on your brain and emotions too. Some sufferers can experience symptoms such as:

  • irritability
  • aggression or a
  • lack of enthusiasm for anything.

So How Do You Fix A Problem Like That?

According to the FDA, MILLIONS of American men currently suffer from the problem of low testosterone.

That's millions!

Only about two hundred and fifty thousand men have sought ANY type of treatment for this condition. Why? Because they are afraid of the circumstances, when in reality within a few months of concentrated, committed usage of this special treatment, they may be FREE of this horrible condition that is wreaking havoc of their manliness.

So getting something done, as soon as possible, is important.

If you, your spouse or a loved one are concerned about the correlation between a low level of testosterone and their unhealthy sex life, get these crèmes.

This hormone is for men.

"I've always been an avid health nut. I lift weights, I run, I walk, I play sports, etc. but after I turned 40, the weight and the stamina just kind of went away. I was still able to maintain a decent lift and play sports at a lower level, but I knew something was missing. A friend of mine told me about them, so I knew I had to try them. I didn't know what to expect from the crèmes at first, but I thought, "Hey, why not give it a shot" so I did. The results were not instantaneous, but I did see results within about 7 days. I was able to start running like I did when I was a twenty five year old and my stamina in the bedroom is well, pretty darn good now. Before I was breathing hard and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. Not anymore. I like the way it makes me feel and I only require about 5 hours of sleep now and I'm totally rested. Every man should be on these crèmes. If they were, you'd see a totally new type of man in the work force. I love them.

Gale Carney, KS.

By age 60, men typically produce60% LESS testosterone than they did when they were 20, so almost all men are running on empty when we're talking about hormone levels.

Have you ever thought about hormones having anything to do with a healthy heart. How about Billy Mays the pitchman or Michael Jackson? They were both 50 years of age. They apparently did not take hormones seriously or they were unaware of this problem and they paid dearly for it.




Normal testosterone has also been associated with maintaining a "healthy" cardiovascular system.

Whether you know it or not, hormones are predictors of heart failure and frailty . Frailty is a big thing with older people and especially women.

Heart_diagram.bmpNumerous studies have underscored the critical need for "bioidentical hormone replacement" to assure that people who use these special hormones that they have the best years of their life so they can maintain independence.

This report shows you how to take care of your problems easily.

If you think you might have a low level of testosterone, you need to order this hormone crème.

Don't forget, there is a definite link between the hormone 'testosterone' and your "sex drive".

If you've been sluggish, have a low libido, and just don't care about sex like you used to, you need to use these crèmes on a consistent basis.

Don't suffer in silence. Get on these awesome specialized crèmes.

"That's great if you're a MAN, but what if I'm a WOMAN?"

No problem. Women are hormonal deficient too, just like their male counterpart.

For instance, hot flashes could come from a hormone imbalance.

The human female body has a built-in mechanism capable of producing all the hormones that are essential. Hormone levels in women vary as much as in the males.

This is why some women undergo a smooth menopause while other women experience difficulties. "Hot flashes" are experienced when hormone imbalance occurs and your built-in mechanism does nothing and seems to remain IDLE inside your body.

Scientists and researchers now know that 'hot flashes' are felt due to hormone imbalance.


Let's now talk about DHEA now. (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

That is a big word, so let's just use DHEA. DHEA is the body's most abundant circulating hormone. Research has shown that DHEA production peaks by age 25 again and drops dramatically each year thereafter.

It PEAKS by age 25? Yes it does.

So by age 70, most people's DHEA levels have declined by over 80%, leading to hormonal imbalances that can affect their quality of life. Most people would just tell you that it's their age and it is and it isn't.

These kinds of imbalances also occur with estrogen, and progesterone.

Thousands of studies have been published showing how DHEA may help to retard the effects of aging and promote longevity.


Another very important hormone you need to know about is Human Growth Hormone or HGH.

This hormone is considered the Fountain of Youth hormone.

After childhood, HGH levels peak and then your HGH levels start dropping. In fact they go down like a lead balloon. Age begins to sponge every ounce of resilience from you. If you look at your kids they have the most resilient energy, don't they? People who use HGH crème have revealed that they feel younger, act more sociable and have a greater desire to be more active in their everyday lives.

HGH impacts EVERY CELL in your body as the 'master hormone.

After age 30, HGH decreases with AGE and you start aging more rapidly.

1/3 rd of the people tested over 50 years of age - showed "abnormal levels of HGH".

So what does HGH do?

  • Tissue repair,
  • Cell re-growth,
  • Healing capacity,
  • Upkeep of your vital organs,
  • Brain and memory function,
  • Helps you with your enzyme production, and
  • Revitalizes your hair, skin and nails.

When you age, the loss of HGH is mainly due to three things: surgery, infection and/or accident.

By the age of 80, almost ALL your HGH will be gone if you don't do something about it now!

I am thrilled to tell you about my latest results with the hormone crèmes. I started to use the crèmes right away after I got them. I slap on a generous amount of both the Testosterone and HGH twice a day. 

After a few days I noticed a remarkable change in my skin tone. In all the areas where I've used the crèmes my skin has turned SUPER new and smooth! I've had these skins bumps, sort of looks like small acne bumps on my upper arms and triceps area. I am excited to report that in this short time of using the cremes not only is my skin new and smooth. Those damn bumps are nearly gone!

I noticed over the weekend that I had tons and tons of new found energy. That's when I thought I should do something around the house or go out to the store to get a part for a project. I've been tired lately so I might think about it and just not do it. I felt this surge of steady power and new found energy (from somewhere) and just went to task and handled a bunch of things. I felt great about my accomplishments.

I am thrilled with this product. I have more energy, less fatigue, more stamina and feel more stable. I also notice that my production at in the office has increased, as if using the crèmes has increased my capacity to just handle more.
Another thing,, the pressures of modern life, a very high paced work production, coupled with family responsibilities I can honestly say I haven't been the stallion I once was when I was younger. I have to tell you that using the crèmes regularly for just a little over one week my libido is out the roof. My wife is thrilled with the results!! She wanted me to let you know how happy she is with the crèmes. Now that makes it totally worth it!! Thanks again these anti-aging crèmes really work.

Dr Mace Richter CA (54 years old)



Next let's talk about another female hormone.


What does estrogen do? It's responsible for female characteristics and sexual functions.

What happens when your estrogen is imbalanced? LOW estrogen levels in females is the PRIMARY culprit of their unpleasant menopausal issues like hot flashes, night sweating and dryness.

I am 31 years old, have two beautiful children and was starting to have a lack of energy, some very painful periods and a lot of dry skin. Since using the hormone cremes, I've noticed I have more energy, I am sleeping better than I ever have, and my body is more toned. I was working out three or four times a week, but never had the energy I needed. Well all that has changed.

I also noticed that my periods are more normal now with very little, if any discomfort. I use the Progesterone, Estriol and HGH crèmes and using these crèmes has even helped my skin to become soft and very nice. Everyone comments on my baby like skin and my husband loves it.

Elisha Brown, CA.

Pay attention to this: Low levels of ESTROGEN can also INCREASE the female's risk of

  • heart disease,
  • stroke and
  • bone fractures,

So, being low on estrogen--- can affect any woman in a big way.

Estriol contains a variety of benefits for the savvy woman:

  • It helps you to maintain firm skin
  • It helps retain muscle tone,
  • It helps support healthy neurological, immune and sexual functions, and
  • It produces a greater feeling of well-being.

Let me explain something: For years, menopausal women relied on estrogen drugs to maintain their levels of this particular hormone. Yet concern about 'potential lifethreatening side effects of synthetic hormone drugs' has caused many women to deprive themselves of the benefits of natural non-prescription hormone therapy. These Bio Topical crèmes use estrogenic extracts from plant sources with no known harmful side effects.

Now let's talk about another female hormone:


What does Progesterone do?

Well it's responsible for ovulation and menstruation. When it's imbalanced though, there are low progesterone levels in the female that gives them symptoms like:

  • insomnia,
  • foggy thinking,
  • mood changes,
  • joint and muscle pain, and
  • weight gain.

How many women complain about weight gain, after having a child?

Tons of them!

Some are able to get rid of the extra gained weight and fat accumulation rapidly while women never seem to recover.

If you're a female and want to make a 'big' difference in your life, get your hormones balanced.

Here's something you might want to think about if you're a woman. Women with multiple hormonal deficiencies are highly likely to become affected by Osteoporosis. Women with two or three deficiencies have a very high likelihood of being 'frail". I mentioned being 'frail' earlier, but you need to understand what that W O R D means.

I can tell you, being frail is not a good thing.

FACT: Women who are deficient in more than one hormone --- had almost a 3 times greater risk of being "frail" …than women who were NOT hormonally deficient. Why am I just now learning about this frailty issue? Simple! W omen… diagnosed as 'frail' - lose the ability to care for themselves and live 'independently'.

Here's the definition of frailty, just so you'll understand the definition. Does it apply to you?

People that have these symptoms:

  • unexplained weight loss,
  • exhausts easily,
  • has a weak grip,
  • has a slow walking speed, and/or
  • has generalized low energy levels.

are considered to be FRAIL.

Most people don't realize they are 'frail' and dying sooner than expected. What's worse, if they'd start using the crèmes they could decrease their chances of becoming frail.

FACT: After seven years, 43 percent of those who were 'Frail' died, compared to 23 percent of those who were classified as 'Intermediate', and 12 percent of those who were 'Robust'.

You want to be ROBUST as you age, not FRAIL! To do this…. you have to …

Get Control of Your Hormone Levels!

Dying at a young age can be prevented!



The first indication of a heart problem is DEATH in 40% of heart attacks, so you'd better listen to what I'm saying.

FACT: Everyone is aging. Aging in men is brought about by a progressive decline in their hormone levels. Men found to be deficient in 3 or more hormones (testosterone, HGH and DHEA for example) were more than two and one-quarter times more likely to die - sooner.

Scientists concluded that age associated decline in hormone levels is a STRONG independent predictor of mortality in people.

Hormonally deficient men with 'chronic heart failure' have the poorest prognosis "because of their hormone levels".

If you don't get that, READ IT again!

Simply put, Men with ***chronic heart failure***, have been found to have a hormone depletion and this has been found to be a common problem.

Here's another KEY POINT:

Very, very seldom does ONE hormone decline in isolation.

In other words, when one hormone declines --- the balance is thrown out of kilter. If one hormone is imbalanced in your system, chances are … all of them are going to be out of balance.

When that happens, there is a stress placed on your body to compensate and this throws your hormones out of balance.

This creates a 'domino effect' in your hormonal system. Multiple hormone deficiencies are 'COMMON' in people "PAST" the age of 40.

This is your WARNING:

Pay Attention!

We take the aging process seriously …

FACT: Diseases Are Associated

With Hormonal Dysfunction?

Think about this…

  • high blood pressure,
  • cancer,
  • diabetes,
  • heart disease,
  • arthritis,
  • joint pain,
  • osteoporosis,
  • cognitive impairment, and
  • allergies are symptoms of

Hormonal Insufficiency…

Diseases are associated with 'HORMONAL INSUFFICIENCY'.

The current epidemic of BREAST CANCER is primarily the result of hormonal decline as is PROSTATE CANCER. Having said that, let me ask you question.

Q. Are you using a specialized homeopathic hormone crème(s) on a daily basis?

A. Most people don't know about bio-identical hormones and what they are actually trying to do by using this type of specialized therapy.

Did you know…

" Young people with 'FULL' healthy Hormonal Profiles RARELY EVER get any of the diseases I've mentioned."

If you don't understand what I'm saying, read the sentence above again. It's that important. The symptoms of hormonal imbalance BEGIN to show up around age 40, long after they've had a declining hormone level for more than 10 years prior to their symptoms be felt.

Think about it.

All the organic fruits and vegetables, vitamins and mineral supplements, chemical-free living, and exercise --- WILL NOT SAVE you from a hormone decline UNLESS you are using a bioidentical hormone like the crèmes from West Coast Bio Topical.

"Aging and hormonal deficiency" is built into us like a "ticking" time bomb.

It's going to happen, it's just a matter of TIME.

Hormone crèmes help de-fuse the 'ticking' TIME BOMB.

Our ancestors, who lived healthy lifestyles, grew their own food in their fields, got plenty of exercise and had never heard of the chemicals we now take for granted, but they still lost their hormones and died at young ages.

People now have a way to change what Mother Nature has in store for them!




Believe it or not, we are able to somewhat postpone the inevitable and continue on our merry way for a few more years IF …we can get 'nature' to believe we are still able to reproduce and flourish, without the use of synthetic hormones like Premarin and Estrogen.

With the advent of these specialized crèmes, people are separating themselves from every other living thing by their ability to prolong health and well being beyond what Nature had in mind, due to the hormonal decline.

FACT: Bioidentical hormone replacement crèmes can ADD life to your years, AND YEARS TO YOUR LIFE so you can experience a healthy and independent life … until you die.

As we move through our 40's and 50's, it is bioidentical hormone replacement crèmes that will help you maintain your health and energy.


For optimal results, bioidentical hormone replacement crèmes should be used as soon as hormonal decline is apparent. That may seem young, but it's a fact of life. Using these crèmes will help your body maintain the BALANCE needed to support all your organs and their functions … for as long as possible.

The good news is: People who have already experienced hormonal decline, and are suffering weight gain, lethargy, mood changes, etc….still have a chance to CHANGE their lives.

It isn't too late for them.

An innate body starved for hormones will respond to the hormone crèmes … NO matter what!

The AGE of the person --- DOES NOT MATTER---

when talking about hormone replacement crème therapy.

Old_man_young_with_a_young_physique.bmpHere's a 70 year old man.

Look at his physique. This is possible at any age, but you have to have the right hormones to do this. Degenerative disease symptoms can regress or disappear and a better quality of life return if you are committed to taking care of your hormone levels. Even for those people experiencing the ravages of age, hormone replacement will make their quality of life - BETTER!

If you can't sleep, this report is a God send to you.

You can buy the best mattress out there, but if you have a hormonal imbalance, most likely you're still not going to sleep restfully. Research has shown that restoring hormones (at ANY age) will help restore the person's ability to sleep restfully.

As I've indicated, proper hormone replacement

  • increases cellular energy,
  • elevates mood, and
  • restores confidence and
  • surefootedness,

allowing older people more time to

    • live independently and
    • care for themselves.

Bioidentical hormones are 'exact replicas' of the hormones made in your body





That's what most people don't understand. Bioidentical hormones have the identical molecular structure as the hormones made by the human body, hence the name, 'bioidentical'. These hormone crèmes do not require detoxification of your liver, and they have no side effects. They replicate what the body made when it was young and healthy.

Don't Wait To Get Yours!

Your health depends on it. The book "Breakthrough", contains a series of interviews conducted with top anti-aging doctors complied by Suzanne Somers.

It offers a wealth of information on bioidentical hormone replacement as does Suzanne's earlier book, "Ageless". Both are great reading if you want to learn more about these bioidentical hormone crèmes.

If you ADD such things as:

  • Top notch nutrition. This means eating lots of good fresh veggies and fruit.
  • Chiropractic. Making sure that you are having your spine and nervous system checked for interference regularly.
  • EXERCISE. Doing something everyday in an incremental way, like appropriate exercise which could include yoga, walking, running, bicycling, working out with weights, Pilates, etc.
  • The Right Attitude. Maintaining a purpose for living with a good mental attitude, and knowing that there is a tomorrow, no matter what happens today is the right outlook for living a long and prosperous life.

You know you're well on your way to becoming healthy.




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